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With the creation of Gavel Coin, any seller will be able to pay their listing fees
and consignment on any participating online ecommerce or auction site.
A seller may also accept Gavel Coin as a form of payment for
products and services.

GAVEL COIN is all about using crypto for ecommerce.

Currently sellers on any auction website must pay listing fees, handling fees and consignment fees. And those fees must be paid with bank wire, credit card, money orders or cash. Gavel Coin will replace all of these cumbersome and expensive methods of payment.

In doing so, Gavel Coin brings simplicity and greater value to the online auction industry. You now have the opportunity to get in on the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the new Gavel Coin Cryptocurrency that can be used worldwide to pay auction listing fees, seller fees or used as payment for items sold on auction at and our other partner ecommerce & auction websites.

Official ICO Launch In:

By contributing to Gavel Coin, you will be helping thousand of sellers around the world have a better way of payment in the online ecommerce and auction world!

Take Full Control Over Sales Profits

Gavel Coin is the first international cryptocurrency developed to exclusively meet the needs of online ecommerce websites. Using Gavel Coin as your method of listing fee payment and/or goods payment processing gives you full control over your own financial profits when selling or buying products online.

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